Where do I begin to tell this story called life, what part do I start?

The beginning, or the present, either point doesn’t matter because both will be long forgotten. It is always nice to look back to the past, to the steps we have taken, the places we have been, and the people we have been with. Yet everything fades as do our memories over time. We should feel blessed for that which remains, that which enriches our lives.

I started this page to inspire others to do the same, to remind my friends and family to make every second count. To come to terms that nothing in life is guaranteed, except for this moment. Live each day, love each moment, and create memories that define your existence, It is not the journey that truly defines us, but rather it is the steps we have taken along the way that does. It is the process, the raw emotions, and those magical moments in nature that leave us speechless in awe.

I hope you find enjoyment in this website, I thank you for visiting it and for supporting my adventures. This is my passion, my therapy, my way of leaving a footprint. If my work touches the lives of others I am blessed, if it inspires them to venture off into the wilderness like me.  Well, let me say that makes me smile, that makes it all worthwhile.